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Duffle Bag

10 Tips to Pack for a Trip

As you will travelling mostly by motorcycle if you have selected one of our tours, it's best to travel light.  Additional luggage space in our support vehicles is limited, so restrict yourself to the necessities.  Here are some other pointers:

  • our climate is generally mild, although during winter (May to August), jerseys and warm clothing are a must.

  • depending on your tour, we recommend that you invest in a rain-suit.  Our Cape Town trips will encounter rain in the Winter (May-August) while inland tours experience rainfall in Summer (September to April).

  • bring a change of footwear for off-bike days and evenings.

  • jeans and other casual clothing are generally accepted in most venues.

  • if you have your own helmet and protective gear, bring it with as it will save rental and deposit costs.

  • your medication is important.  While we are served by a great many pharmacies in South Africa, certain medication is only available with a prescription - and this could take some effort to obtain.

  • don't underestimate our temperatures - even in Winter, so bring your swimwear for those refreshing dips.

  • South Africa has a first-world banking industry, so minimise the amount of cash that you pack.  Use your bank cards as far as possible as this also improves safety.

  • and most importantly, pack your sense of humour because this is going to be a blast!

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