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Lowveld Explorer - 6 Nights

from $750* pp

The Lowveld has traditionally been associated with Mbombela (Nelspruit), Hazyview and the Kruger National Park, but in reality it extends northwards into the Limpopo Province and even south to incorporate Swaziland.

It is a region that is rich in wildlife, cultures and some stunning scenery, and it is a favourite with South African bikers and travelers alike.  The region is known for its spectacular roads and offers some of the best motorcycle travel available in the country.

Our tour starts in the Limpopo Province - a land of mystery and diversity.  It meanders down through the bushveld of Phalaborwa and Klasserie, to the heart of the Lowveld in Hazyview.  The route we have selected encompasses all the major - and some lesser-known sights and attractions, ensuring that you become immersed in the culture that is the Lowveld.

We will explore the southern Lowveld as well, before returning to the Highveld of Johannesburg and Pretoria.  These will be the most enjoyable few days of your travel in South Africa and you will have your fill of sights, wildlife and experiences to make you want more.

Join us on this magical trip through 'paradise'.  You won't regret it. 

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