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Guardian Angel

Your Anti-Theft and Emergency Response App

We are proud to introduce Guardian Angel, a unique tracking App that provides you with all-round peace-of-mind and ensures that you really enjoy your motorcycling journey.

Guardian Angel: Services
Image by Davids Kokainis

About Guardian Angel Anti-Theft

The Guardian Angel system lets you know the minute your motorcycle is moved - whether you are sleeping or simply away from your bike. Our  tracking platform offers the following features:

  • Vibration alert – to let you know that your bike has been moved. You initiate the anti-theft action;

  • GeoFence – that automatically ‘fences’ your bike wherever you have parked, providing you with an alert the minute it leaves the ‘fenced’ location – again, allowing you to initiate action;

  • GPS locator – provides a constant GPS location of your bike, so in the event that it is stolen, it can be tracked and intercepted countrywide using one of the most advanced systems available in southern Africa; and

  • An independent lithium battery that continues to send data even after the battery has been disconnected, thereby increasing your chances of recovery.

The moment your anti-theft action is initiated, our team track the bike and alert the closest public and private sector security personnel to intercept and recover the vehicle. Using number-plate recognition systems; CCTV networks and other technology already integrated into the national response systems used by the SAPS and security sector, you have a better chance of recovering your stolen property.  

About Guardian Angel Emergency Response

Guardian Angel is associated with southern Africa’s largest network of emergency response services – from ambulance and evacuation to breakdown and recovery.  This service operates cross-border in the RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland – providing the most comprehensive support and recovery option in motorcycling. Wherever a GSM network is available, we can see you and provide you cover.

A Powerful Guardian

Using the telemetry and tracking technology built into Guardian Angel, your safety is constantly monitored by our 24-hr response centre.  In an accident, the system automatically lets our team know your location and the response system initiates by calling your phone.  If you are unable to answer, the emergency team closest to your location is immediately dispatched to provide care and assistance, ensuring that you get help without delay.

Where the motorcycle is dropped or it falls over accidentally, the same procedure is followed unless you recover the bike and send an abort signal to the control centre.

Image by Lucian Alexe

Your Care - Our Commitment

When you subscribe to our service, we gather all of your personal information and details of your medical cover (where applicable) so that in an emergency, all of this information is available to first-responders and the hospital that you are admitted to. 

Because we believe you deserve the best possible chance, we further provide full accident cover for hospital costs and transport, so you can get on with recovering without worry.  There are no hidden costs – just a single monthly subscription that covers all your needs.

Guardian Angel is unlike any other motorcycle recovery and accident service you have seen.  Our partners from the medical, law-enforcement and insurance sectors are unrivalled and our technology offers world-class solutions not available from others in the industry.

So, if you love riding your motorcycle as much as we do, why not get the best cover available to ensure you continue to enjoy the freedom of riding.

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