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Zululand Explorer - 8 Nights

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Zululand has no formal boundaries, but its influence on the region and historical significance is profound.  This is the region that shaped the character of modern South Africa and it encompasses the traditional territory of Shaka, Dingane and Cetshwayo - the great Zulu leaders of their time.

The region is the cradle of the Zulu nation, much of it still shrouded in mystery while guided by legend and tradition.  The many mountain slopes of this magnificent area are dotted with communities - many of which still follow the traditional ways of their forefathers.

It is also a land of memorials to a turbulent past - monuments that mark battles fought by Zulu's in defence of their heritage against encroachment by British and Boer settlers. But it also reflects other wars when the British and Boer forces pitted themselves against the ideologies of one another.

This region borders the Maputoland region, an area of lakes, lagoons and reserves - home to a wealth of indigenous species, landscapes and experiences. It provides access to no less than three wildlife sanctuaries, from the magnificence of the Hluhluwe National Park and its well-respected reputation for conservation, to the intimate Mkuze Game Reserve and the unique Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site.

Our tour to this region is designed to give you an insight into the culture, sights and natural beauty of this, a uniquely African destination.

Capture Museum Site
Ghost Mountain Inn
White Rhino
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